Kawasaki Develops World’s Most Efficient 8 MW Gas Engine

Aug. 09, 2006


 Tokyo, August 9, 2006 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. today announced that it has developed the world’s most efficient 8 MW-class gas engine. It is the first in its class to achieve 48% electric generation efficiency as well as excellent environmental performance, with extremely low NOx emissions of 120 ppm at O2 0%. The engine is applicable to a wide range of markets, with models offering outputs of from 5 to 7.8 MW, with a cylinder diameter of 300 mm and four cylinder combinations available: 12, 14, 16 or 18.

 The engine features a larger stroke/bore ratio than conventional models, and incorporates the Miller-cycle system, which improves anti-knocking performance and combustion efficiency, thus boosting cycle efficiency. The addition of a prechamber spark ignition system does away with the need for additional liquid fuel for ignition and realizes economical and easy operations.

 Kawasaki released its first marine diesel engine in 1919, and has continued to actively develop, design and manufacture an array of diesel engines as well as power generation systems. Leveraging its expertise and experience, Kawasaki recently launched a gas engine development project and carried out performance tests on a single-cylinder test engine. An endurance test will also be conducted on the test engine to prove reliability. The Company will build a 7.5 MW demonstration power plant at one of its works by September 2007 and begin sales activities.

 Kawasaki remains committed to providing new technological developments in energy-related fields.