Milestone Order for Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Nov. 09, 2005


 Tokyo, November 9, 2005 – Kawasaki Plant Systems, Ltd. (KPS) announced today that it has recently received its first order for a new photovoltaic power generation system with power consumption control and automated features from Yachiyo Shoin Junior High and High School in Chiba Prefecture.

 The 100 kW system makes use of a photovoltaic battery module, a power conditioner and a nickel-metal hydride battery Gigacell to effectively deploy solar energy, thus reducing reliance on commercial electricity. KPS will oversee the entire project, from design to test run, and deliver the system in July 2006.

 Reducing power consumption during peak hours has not been entirely successful with conventional solar power generation systems because they are influenced by climactic conditions. The new system employs a Gigacell developed by Kawasaki to cover the power required when solar power proves insufficient, and ensures that consumption does not exceed the contracted limit. If the power stored in the Gigacell is deemed insufficient, the system automatically controls demand.

 The photovoltaic battery module will be installed on the roof of the school's new gymnasium and the Gigacell in the basement. The power will be used for lighting and air conditioning. Thanks to automated control, if there is an emergency power outage, power will be supplied by the photovoltaic power generation system or by the Gigacell.