World's First Triple-Effect Gas Absorption Chiller Commercialized

Oct. 05, 2005


World's First Triple-Effect Gas Absorption Chiller Commercialized

 Tokyo, October 5, 2005 – Kawasaki Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. (KTE) announced today that it will release the world's first triple-effect gas absorption chiller/heaters, demonstrating ultrahigh energy saving performance on October 6. Prior to this milestone achievement, KTE commercialized the world's first double-effect gas absorption chiller in 1968.

 The absorption chiller is a "green" air conditioning system that uses water as the refrigerant, gas or oil as the fuel and provides heating/cooling for large commercial buildings. In comparison with the double-effect chiller, the new product slashes energy consumption by 30%.

 Because of this dramatic savings, the product is most suitable for hospitals, supermarkets and smart buildings where long hours of cooling are necessary. Its introduction provides a freon-free alternative, as well as reducing CO2 emissions. By linking it to cogeneration systems, further energy savings can be expected.

 KTE worked with the Japan Gas Association for four years, beginning in April 2001, to develop the new absorption chiller technology. It is part of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization's (NEDO) Strategic Development of Technology for Efficient Energy Utilization Project.