Boeing, Japan Aircraft Development Finalize Agreements on 787

May. 31, 2005


Boeing, Japan Aircraft Development Finalize Agreements on 787

 In May, Boeing and Japan Aircraft Development Corporation, representing its three Japanese 787 structural partners - Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Fuji Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - signed formal contracts detailing their work agreements for the all-new 787 Dreamliner.

 The Boeing 787, a 250-seat class aircraft, is an innovative passenger airplane with improved economic efficiency due to the adoption of lightweight composite materials throughout a large portion of its structure. In addition, the aircraft body is being constructed using a completely new technique, integral molding, on a cylindrical fuselage with a diameter of 6 meters, based on the development of a one-piece barrel.

 As previously announced, Kawasaki will provide part of the forward fuselage, the main landing gear wheel well and the main wing fixed trailing edge for the airliner. The company is constructing new manufacturing facilities for the 787s at its Nagoya Works I, where the component parts for the Boeing 777 are currently being manufactured. The completion of the new facility is scheduled for early spring 2006. Shipment from the Works for the 787 airplanes will start in late 2006, using Boeing's specially modified 747 Large Cargo Freighters.

 Twenty-one airlines have already announced orders and commitments for 261 Dreamliners as of the end of May 2005. The first delivery of the super-efficient jetliner is expected in 2008.