Humanitarian Demining System Shipped to Afghanistan

Jul. 20, 2004


 Kawasaki has developed the BULLDOG system, a humanitarian demining system that boasts a high level of safety and efficiency, which was shipped to Afghanistan in April and July 2004.

 The system consists of the MINE DOG or mine detection vehicle that has a mine detection sensor and various cameras; and the MINE BULL or mine clearance vehicle on which a digging drum to excavate and detonate landmines, and a machine to collect waste products is loaded along with the respective remote control and operation devices.

 Via a remote control, the MINE DOG automatically detect anti-tank mines and antipersonnel mines within a 1.5-m wide area and marks the spots at a maximum speed of 2km/h. The detector will continue searching for other mines after detecting a mine, enabling it to search expansive areas efficiently.

 The MINE BULL is capable of removing antipersonnel mines in wireless control mode from a great distance as well as in a manned operation mode. Its digging drum, 2.1m wide that rotate at 200rpm, is equipped with over 300 cutting bits. While excavating 30cm deep, this machine digs out antipersonnel mines at a maximum speed of 1.5km/h for detonation and simultaneously recovers metal waste products from the excavated earth.

 This shipment was sent as a part of "The Research Project for Developing Mine Clearance Related Equipment in Afghanistan" financed by a grant extended by the Japanese government. The objective is to have the antipersonnel landmine remover developed in Japan reach actual minefields in Afghanistan, where humanitarian demining activities are being conducted, and to study and verify how to foster sufficient adaptation to the harsh natural environment during the summer.