Kawasaki Delivers Liquid Ethylene Terminal

May. 19, 2004

Kawasaki Delivers Liquid Ethylene Terminal

 Kawasaki has delivered a liquid ethylene storage and receiving/shipping terminal, including tanks, to the Chien-Cheng Petrochemical Station in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, owned by Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC). Delivery of this raised the number of liquid ethylene tanks delivered by Kawasaki to 19 since 1977.

 The delivered tanks employ an aboveground double-wall liquid ethylene tank with a capacity of 27,500 m3. Insulation materials have been installed between the inner shell made of materials for very low temperatures and the outer shell that uses ordinary temperature materials. Consequently, liquid ethylene can be stored at a temperature as low as -100°C or below. Besides the liquid ethylene tank, the system also integrates associated facilities that include a loading/unloading facility for liquid ethylene, an ethylene vaporizer, and vapor liquefaction equipment that re-liquefies naturally vaporized gas and returns it to the tank.

 In Taiwan, competition in the liquid ethylene market has intensified in recent years as several local chemical companies open operations in this area. With the introduction of the delivered facilities by Kawasaki, CPC has expanded its capacity and reinforced its competitiveness in the region.

 Besides liquid ethylene storage facilities, Kawasaki has long worked on the development of low and very low temperature tanks, as it foresaw an increase in transport and storage facilities for LPG, LNG and other gas fuel after the oil crises of the 1970’s. Kawasaki secured its first order for LNG storage facilities in 1982 and since then has secured orders for 26 units in and outside Japan, including those currently under construction.