Japan's Largest RPF Production Plant Completed

Aug. 21, 2003

Japan's Largest RPF Production Plant Completed

 Eco Mining, Ltd., a Kawasaki Group company, has completed a refuse paper and plastic fuel (RPF) production plant which is furnished with Kawasaki-developed RPF manufacturing equipment and began operating in August.

 Eco Mining is a joint venture that was founded by Kawasaki with Sekishouten Co., Ltd. in April 2002 to collect waste plastic and waste paper to make and sell RPF. The company provides RPF to users such as paper, steel and lime manufacturers.

 The new plant has two lines with a total of production capacity of 3,000 tonnes per month making it the largest RPF production plant in Japan. One line removes iron, aluminum and vinyl chloride and then solidifies the raw materials. The other solidifies raw materials that are free of substances not conforming to RPF standards.

 Utilizing Kawasaki's technological prowess in developing and building of RPF facilities, Eco Mining is expanding its thermal recycling business and is promoting the widespread use of RPF. By doing so, it is also contributing to a decrease in landfills and the reduction of CO2 emissions to create a resource-recycling social system.

 * Sekishouten Co., Ltd.: A pioneer of the RPF manufacturing business. The company has much experience as a comprehensive operator collecting raw materials, operating facilities and selling to RPF users.