New Ultra-Compact Camera Stabilizer Developed

May. 19, 2003

New Ultra-Compact Camera Stabilizer Developed

 Kawasaki Precision Machinery Ltd. (KPM) developed the KST-100, an ultra-compact camera stabilizer for the use with automobiles and construction vehicles, in May. Featuring a simple operation system, the KST-100 can be used to shoot objects without worrying about blur or motion, and was developed based on the technology and experience that KPM gained from its development of a camera stabilizer for ships.

 The stabilizer has a compact video camera on-board and allows a high level of stability to be achieved through control along three axes of motion. Automatically correcting for complex movement such as that of moving vehicles, the stabilizer makes possible blur-free shooting that was impossible with conventional image stabilizing functions.

 The stabilizer allows a camera to point swiftly and simply in the shooting direction, and is extremely user-friendly to operate. A light-weight and compact device, the stabilizer can be mounted on the dashboard of automobiles, construction vehicles and cranes. (Dimensions: 120(W) x 180(H) x 150(D), Weight: 2.5kg)

 When the KST-100 is mounted in an automobile, it can be used to capture the passing landscape, or record various images such as fleeing cars. By providing clear images used for monitoring crane loads and so on that would otherwise be in the operator's blind spot, the KST-100 can improve work-safety when mounted in construction vehicles and cranes.