Another Japan-First for Kawasaki - New RPF Power Generation Plant

Jan. 28, 2003

Another Japan-First for Kawasaki - New RPF Power Generation Plant

 In January 2003, Kawasaki delivered the country’s first Refuse Paper & Plastic Fuel (RPF) power generation plant to the Yoshinaga Plant at the headquarters of Daishowa Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd.

 The power generation plant burns RPF and paper sludge in a fluidized bed boiler. The steam generated is sent through a steam turbine to generate 10,000kW of electric power, before being supplied to the facilities at Yoshinaga Plant. The amount of RPF and paper sludge used is the largest in Japan with all power and steam generated by the facility utilized within the Yoshinaga Plant.

 This facility differs from similar power generation plants using conventional paper sludge as it does not use oil, coal or any other fossil fuels. It is the first plant in Japan to use RPF as the primary fuel source and has been recognized as a Project for Supporting New Energy Operators by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy.

 Kawasaki will continue to develop and sell highly effective boiler-based power generators that efficiently use resources and reduce the burden on the environment.

*RPF is a solid fuel primarily made up of waste plastic and waste paper. Restrictions are placed on the materials used to create it giving it excellent quality and characteristics as a fuel.