Order from Brazil for TRT Generating System

Aug. 08, 2002

Kawasaki has received an order from Usiminas' Ipatinga Works, Brazil to build a top pressure recovery turbine (TRT) generating system for the works' third blast furnace. The order, received in a joint project with Marubeni Corporation, marks the first time such a system will be installed at Usiminas. Completion of the TRT, with 18,800kW rated power output, is expected in spring 2003.

Kawasaki's TRT system is driven by the exhaust gas pressure, which is generated from the steelworks' blast furnace and converted into electricity using a turbine. It is unique in that it doesn't rely on a governing valve to control the blast furnace's top pressure, instead employing the turbine's variable stator blades. Because the angle of the blades can be continually adjusted, this enables efficient, low-noise generation with minimal energy loss, even when the gas flow rate from the blast furnace changes.

Kawasaki is a leading manufacturer of TRT generating systems and has already supplied 36 units both in Japan and overseas. In Brazil, it has delivered TRT systems to CST and Acominas, with rated power outputs of 20,200kW and 11,340kW, respectively. This latest order is the result of Kawasaki's recognized expertise in the technology, as well as its strong reputation for customer service.