New Steelmaking Plant for Shanghai No. 1 Iron and Steel Company

Sep. 13, 2001

  In a joint bid with Itochu Corp., Kawasaki recently won an order from Baosteel Group Shanghai No. 1 Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. to supply a new steelmaking plant that is being built at the company's existing works in Shanghai, China. Kawasaki will deliver two 150-ton converters featuring the latest phosphorous and carbon removal processes, desulfurization equipment, and converter exhaust gastreatment system (OG).
  The new Shanghai No. 1 plant, scheduled to go online in March 2004, will produce 2.23 thousand tons of steel a year, which will then be supplied to China's expanding construction and manufacturing industries, as well as for use in natural gas pipelines. It will be one of the nation's most sophisticated steelmaking plants, capable of producing high-quality products efficiently and at low cost.
  Kawasaki delivered its first converter in 1962, and it has since become one of the world's largest manufacturers, with over 100 units installed in Japan, Korea, Brazil, China, Taiwan and other parts of the world. In addition, it produces rolling mills, processing equipment and many other types of equipment used in steel production.