Kawasaki Introduces Two New Lines of Off-Road 4-Wheelers: The RIDGE and RIDGE XR Series

Jan. 25, 2024


Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. unveiled the RIDGE and RIDGE XR Series, two new lines of off-road four-wheelers, on January 23, 2024 (U.S. Mountain Standard Time). Sales of the new models will commence primarily in North America (U.S. and Canada) from February 2024.

Kawasaki’s new offroad four-wheelers, the RIDGE and RIDGE XR Series have arrived. The name “RIDGE” represents Kawasaki’s desire “aim for the top.” Joining the existing TERYX Series, which offers recreational riding in the Great Outdoors, and the tough, functional MULE Series of multi-use four-wheelers, the RIDGE and RIDGE XR Series models offer the versatility for both work and play.

RIDGE and RIDGE XR Series models feature a quiet, roomy cabins with a high level of fit-and finish, and are powered by Kawasaki-built 999 cm3 liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, In-Line Four engine offering high power and high torque. Two new lines, the highly practical RIDGE and recreation-leaning RIDGE XR, each offer a number of trim variations to cater to wide range of customer needs.

Kawasaki is planning to expand its four-wheel business, growing it to approximately double by 2025 (compared to 2022) by introducing competitive new models in the off-road four-wheel market, where stead growth is expected. By strengthening our business base in North America, including expanding production capacity, we plan to provide even better products and services, and to promote the Kawasaki brand and increase customer satisfaction to aggressively develop our business.

Key Features


  1. These are the first Kawasaki off-road four-wheelers to feature In-Line Four engines. Complementing the linear response and smooth power delivery, a distinct and exhilarating exhaust note adds to the “joy of riding control.” To accommodate sportier driving, the engine of the recreation-leaning RIDGE XR Series offers even greater power and torque than the RIDGE Series.
  2. Power Modes
    Three selectable modes (Work, Normal, Sport) each offer different power characteristics. In Work mode, the mild throttle response facilitates more precise control at low speeds. In Sport mode, throttle response is sharper, more linear, making it ideal for sportier driving. Normal mode offers a balance between the two, delivering smooth throttle response.
  3. ICVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)
    A CVT-type transmission offers seamless speed changes, contributing to the smooth engine control.
  4. Electrically selectable 4WD system and differential lock
    Electrically selectable 2WD/4WD switching and differential lock allows drivers to quickly change the drive system and the differential gear while driving to suit road surface and driving conditions to ensure maximum traction.


  1. Chassis designed for comfort
    Developed with a primary focus on comfort, the chassis offers composed handling and a comfortable ride. The frame was designed to accommodate long-travel suspension and a full cab, ensuring a superior level of comfort. Low noise and low vibration levels contribute to a quiet cabin.
  2. Long-travel suspension
    Double-wishbone suspension used front and rear delivers a high level of stability and off-road driving performance. The long wheel travel contributes to generous ground clearance and ride comfort, as well as excellent ground-following performance.
  3. Large-diameter tires and aluminum wheels
    Large-diameter tires and aluminum wheels were chosen for their contribution to off-road driving performance. The RIDGE Series models feature 27'' tires on 14'' aluminum wheels; on the RIDGE XR Series models feature 30'' tires on 14'' aluminum wheels. Machined finishing on the aluminum wheels contributes to the RIDGE and RIDGE XR strong looks.
  4. Tilting cargo bed with detachable tailgate
    At 880 mm long with a 453 kg capacity, the cargo bed offers ample space for cargo, work tools or recreational equipment. On all models except the RIDGE Limited, the tailgate can be removed without tools.
  5. Roomy cabin with premium comfort
    The spacious cabin contributes greatly to ride comfort. Ample legroom further contributes comfort. Lever-adjustable seating with a forward-backward slide mechanism, and tilt steering allow the driver to fine-tune their position. On RIDGE Series models, a bench seat offers space for three people, while the RIDGE XR Series models are equipped with a pair of bucket seats. (The RIDGE XR Deluxe features a bench seat.)

Design, Equipment

  1. High-grade design: exterior
    Complementing its sporty styling, colored fenders and all-LED lighting create a high-class image. Headlights with line-type LED position lights, a steel front bumper and a front grille with an aluminum Kawasaki emblem further accentuate the bold looks.
  2. High-grade design: interior
    A roof and doors are standard equipment on all RIDGE and RIDGE XR models, giving them a high-grade feel. The doors feature both exterior and interior latches for easy opening and closing. Full-cab models are equipped with electric power windows. The automotive-style dashboard offers high-grade fit-and-finish details like floor lighting and backlit switches that further enhance the cabin’s premium quality feel.
  3. Full-cab models with air-conditioning (RIDGE HVAC / RIDGE Limited / RIDGE XR HVAC)
    In addition to air-conditioning, full-cab models are equipped with a windshield, full doors with power windows, a rear panel, and an interior roof liner, offering all-season comfort without having to worry about the heat or the cold.
  4. TFT color instrumentation
    A large 7” high-grade digital color LCD screen provides high legibility and a premium feel. Digital, Analog and Simple display modes allow drivers to select how they want their information presented. Screen brightness is automatically adjusted, contributing to the high legibility.
  5. Well-equipped (storage, DC socket/USB ports, winch, navi, audio system, etc)
    Inside the cabin, numerous storage spaces and cup holders are available. Electric power sources include a DC socket and USB ports. On the RIDGE Ranch Edition and RIDGE Limited, a WARN winch is standard equipment. The RIDGE Limited is further equipped with a Garmin infotainment system. The RIDGE and RIDGE XR models are loaded with convenience and comfort features.
    With RIDEOLOGY THE APP POWERSPORTS, a smartphone app developed for four-wheelers and personal watercraft, users can connect with their vehicle. Various functions, such as Vehicle Info, Trip logs, and Maintenance History can be accessed via a smartphone.

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