Kawasaki Introduces ULTRA 160LX and ULTRA 160LX-S JET SKI MODELS

Feb. 03, 2023


Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. is set to release the 3-seater 2023 JET SKI1 ULTRA 160LX and JET SKI ULTRA 160LX-S models in various countries beginning in February 2023.

These two new normally aspirated runabout models will join Kawasaki’s 2023 JET SKI personal watercraft range. The JET SKI ULTRA 160LX and JET SKI ULTRA 160LX-S combine the hull of the JET SKI ULTRA 310 series, well known for its stability and comfort, with the normally aspirated engine of the JET SKI STX 160 series. These fully-equipped luxury models are loaded with flagship features like Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration (KSRD), which electrically deploys the reverse bucket; an easy-to-read 7” TFT display; and three selectable power modes (Full, Middle, Low).

With growth expected in the worldwide marine leisure market centered in North America, our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction while actively expanding the Kawasaki and JET SKI brands.

Key Features

• Engine

  1. Powerful yet easy to use In-Line Four engine
    The ULTRA 160LX and ULTRA 160LX-S are equipped with a responsive, reliable, normally-aspirated, liquid-cooled 1,498 cm3, in-line four-cylinder engine. It offers an ideal blend of high performance and clean emissions, along with excellent fuel economy and smooth power delivery.
  2. Electronic cruise control
    Electronic cruise control allows cruising speed (engine speed) to be adjusted at the push of a button, making longer trips comfortable and convenient.
  3. Launch Control Mode
    When engaged, the Launch Control Mode featured on the ULTRA 160LX and ULTRA 160LX-S optimizes trim when accelerating.
  4. Power Mode Selection/SLO Mode
    Power modes allow the rider to easily regulate engine power. They include Full, Middle and Low Power Operation, in addition to the beginner-oriented Smart Learning Operation (SLO)-Mode.

• Hull

  1. Deep-V Hull
    Loaded with technology from Kawasaki’s championship-winning machines, the race-developed deep-V Hull handles with precision, control and a high level of seaworthiness.
  2. Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration (KSRD)
    Newly equipped is the Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration (KSRD), a system that electrically deploys a reverse bucket. Activated with a thumb switch on the right handle, it enables thrust to be controlled with one hand. When deployed, the reverse bucket contributes to deceleration.
  3. Wide, useful ULTRA Deck
    These models feature an extended rear ULTRA Deck that offers more room for stowing gear. The Multi-Mount Rails built into the deck accommodate accessory slide mounts to provide convenient tie-down points.
  4. Easy-Access cleats
    Built-in cleats provide convenient cinch points when mooring at a dock.

• Design, Equipment

  1. Dynamic Luxury Design
    The deck has been fully updated with the design concept of “dynamic luxury.” Receiving the same high-class styling as Kawasaki’s supercharged flagship ULTRA 310 series models, the design shares the dynamism of the ULTRA LX while adding a three-dimension feel, and a high attention to detail ensuring a luxurious, high-grade finish for each of the distinctive, head-turning designs.
  2. Accent lights
    Stylish LED lights are built into the bumper, resulting in a high-grade appearance befitting these luxury JET SKI models.
  3. Seat contributing to excellent handling and comfort
    The ULTRA 160LX-S features a two-piece seat with a newly designed front portion that facilitates stand-up riding. The ULTRA 160LX features an ERGO-FIT LXury Seat adjustable in three positions spanning 70 mm. The seating area, while slimmer, also provides deeper hip support for all three occupants.
  4. Large, easy-to-read 7” TFT display
    In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, the 7” full-color TFT instrumentation offers infotainment features and an intuitive jog-dial control.
  5. Ample, highly-functional storage
    The completely rethought storage system offers a total storage capacity of 168.5 liters. The 124-liter sealed front compartment is complemented by the new 40-liter Easy-Access Storage (behind the handlebars, accessible from either the left or the right), a 1.7-liter waterproof compartment, and 2.8-liter Easy-Access Rear Pocket..
  6. Rearview camera
    The rearview camera mounted aft of the rear seat offers a supplemental rearward view behind the JET SKI.
  7. JETSOUND 4s
    The JETSOUND 4s PWC audio system features four speakers, a jog-dial control and Bluetooth connectivity.
    *Available on the ULTRA 160LX only.

Model variants:


The ULTRA 160LX takes all of the features of the ULTRA 160LX-S and adds JETSOUND 4s, ERGO-FIT LXury Seat, and a stylish meter visor. The gold and brown wood-like graphics are the same as those used on Kawasaki’s flagship JET SKI model, the ULTRA 310LX.


The 160LX-S is loaded with flagship features including a 7” TFT display, KSRD, a slim new seat, Easy-Access Storage, Easy-Access Rear Pocket, Easy-Access Cleats, Multi-Mount Bars, cup holders, accent lights, a rearview camera and the ULTRA Deck with built-in Multi-Mount Rails. Sporty graphics and bright Candy Steel Furnace Orange coloring are complemented by luxury highlights.

1. JET SKI is a trademark of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

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