The Kobe Head Office of Kawasaki Adopts Carbon-Free Electricity

Jul. 01, 2021

Tokyo, July 1, 2021 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced that as of today, its Kobe Head Office is switching its business operations to zero-carbon electricity, supplied by Kawasaki Green Energy, Ltd., a Group company of Kawasaki. As a result of this transition, the power used at Kobe Crystal Tower, which houses the Kobe Head Office, effectively becomes 100% renewable energy-derived and compliant with the RE100* criteria, achieving zero carbon emissions from power use and an estimated 2,000-ton reduction in CO2 per year.

The renewable electricity supplied by Kawasaki Green Energy is procured from waste-to-energy plants, which were built and are run by Kawasaki. The supplied electricity is regarded as compliant with the RE100 criteria, since the power is supplied together with the FIT (Feed-in Tariff Scheme for Renewable Energy) Non-Fossil Certificate with Tracking Information**.

In recent years initiatives to curb global warming have been gaining momentum. In 2017 the Kawasaki Group established the “Kawasaki Global Environmental Vision 2050” to drive forward its environmental management efforts. Kawasaki plans to implement various measures to achieve carbon neutrality, including efficient use of energy through energy management systems, the purchasing of “green power” derived from waste, biomass, and other sources, and utilization of solar and hydrogen power generation systems.

The Kawasaki Group is committed to reducing CO2 emissions and accommodating market needs through a variety of energy-related products, thereby achieving a stable energy supply, reducing environmental impact, and realizing a low-carbon/decarbonized society.

How Zero-Carbon Electricity Was Introduced at Kobe Crystal Tower

*    RE100 (stands for Renewable Energy 100%) is a global corporate initiative with the goal of sourcing electricity used for business activities entirely from renewable energy sources.
**    A certificate for the non-fossil value of electricity derived from natural energy sources, biomass, and other non-fossil energy sources, with additional information on power generation method, location of power plants, and other tracking information.


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