Online Launch: Five New 2021 Models, including Ninja ZX-10R / Ninja ZX-10RR and Z H2 SE, and the Concept of Hybrid and Autonomous Vehicles

Nov. 23, 2020

Tokyo, November 23, 2020 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it will hold an online launch*1 for five new 2021 models, including the Ninja ZX-10R / Ninja ZX-10RR and Z H2 SE. In addition, new technologies currently in research and development will be announced.

Overview of five new 2021 models

■ Ninja ZX-10R / Ninja ZX-10RR
The Ninja ZX series flagship model. For six consecutive years Kawasaki has won both riders’ and manufacturers’ titles in the Superbike World Championship, the pinnacle production road racing series. For the 2021 models, that high level of track performance has been elevated yet further. 

[Main Features]
In recognition of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group technologies they contain, the River Mark emblem will be added henceforth, following the Ninja H2 and other models in the H2 series.

Engine and Body

1. 998 cm3, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, in-line four DOHC engine
The engine benefits from feedback based on the Superbike World Championship machine in the form of a new air-cooled oil cooler.
2. The limited-production Ninja ZX-10RR (500 machines worldwide), benefits from new lightweight pistons to complement its titanium connecting rods, both designed by Pankl.

Design and Equipment

1. Designed with advanced aerodynamics, a new upper cowl with built-in winglets and compact headlights both improves aerodynamic performance and introduces next-generation Ninja styling.
2. Chassis geometry has been updated in order to improve upon the Ninja ZX-10R’s cornering performance and nimble handling. Suspension settings have been optimized to match. 
3. The addition of new features like Electronic Cruise Control and TFT color instrumentation with smartphone connectivity makes it possible to enjoy sport riding in a wider range of situations. 
  Ninja ZX-10R  Ninja ZX-10RR 

■ Z H2 SE
The Z H2 was born as the new flagship model for the Supernaked Z series. For 2021, the Z H2 SE, which maintains the outstanding levels of power and control of the Z H2 while adding KECS (Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension), joins the lineup.

[Main Features]

Engine and Body

1. 998 cm3, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, in-line four DOHC, balanced supercharged engine
The engine is placed in a highly rigid trellis frame that delivers nimble handling.  

Design and Equipment

1. The new electronic suspension implements Showa’s Skyhook Technology*2, bringing about an even smoother ride quality, and contributing to a more enjoyable and comfortable riding experience.
2. A Brembo front brake package includes Stylema monobloc calipers, offering stronger braking performance and enhanced control.

  Z H2 SE 

■ KLX300 / KLX300SM
The KLX300, a lightweight dual-purpose model, and the KLX300SM, a supermoto model with cool styling and nimble handling. Both models have strong and easy-to-use low and mid-range power and a hard-hitting top-end that offers an exciting riding experience, whether for everyday riding or touring.

[Main Features]

Engine and Body

1. 292 cm3, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder DOHC, 4-valve engine


Design and Equipment

1. The engine is complemented by a slim, lightweight perimeter frame and high-grade chassis components.
2. The dual-performance KLX300 features a 21” front wheel and 18” rear wheel. 
3. The supermoto KLX300SM is equipped with 17” wheels front and rear and shod with road tires.

  KLX300 KLX300SM
In addition to the new models mentioned above, a hybrid motorcycle concept will be announced at the online launch. It offers multiple selectable modes: engine-and-motor mode, motor-only mode, and charging-priority mode, that all utilize the motorcycle-use battery pack developed by Kawasaki. This takes into consideration the future prospect of increasing global restrictions on the use of gasoline vehicles in city centers. Even for this hybrid vehicle, featuring an automatic transmission and clutch will ensure it delivers the “fun and rewarding to control” that we pursue for all of our motorcycles.
We will also be announcing an autonomous MULE concept for multipurpose off-road, four-wheel driving. The vehicle will be able to follow the user in many situations like camping or hunting, contributing to a more exciting time.
In addition, we will also announce the verification tests for our rider support system that utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence). This system links to a Cloud service, and can carry out various two-way communication functions via the use of a smart phone. Please refer a separate press release, “- RIDEOLOGY Meets AI - Proof-of-Concept Tests Commenced for Artificial Intelligence Rider Support System ” for more details.

*1: You can watch the online launch videos on the official YouTube channel of the Motorcycle & Engine Company.
YouTube channel:
*2: The Skyhook concept imagines a hook supporting the motorcycle’s sprung weight and modulates the suspension’s damping force to allow the wheels to track the dips and bumps encountered while maintaining the motorcycle’s vertical position with minimal disturbance. This results in excellent road holding ability, pitching (especially when riding tandem) is reduced, it is composed at high speeds while steering remains light, and the machine feels more planted in wet conditions, offering increased comfort and enjoyment to the rider.



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