Monster Energy Kawasaki’s ace rider Eli Tomac finally wins the long-cherished AMA-SX title in 2020

Jul. 08, 2020


Eli Tomac, the ace of Monster Energy Kawasaki (owned by Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.) has captured his first SX450 Championship at the race held in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 21, 2020. He has added the new title in his glorious career, following the AMA-MX Championship for three consecutive years from 2017.

The AMA Supercross(*1) and Motocross Championships (*2) are American-based series recognized by the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association). Alongside the World Motocross Championship, they represent the pinnacle of motocross racing.

The two classes are 450SX/450MX (4-stroke 450cc machines, or 2-stroke 250cc machines) and 250SX/250MX (4-stroke 250cc machines, or 2-stroke 125cc machines), each contested by production motocross racers featuring special tuning.

Eli Tomac has finally accomplished his long-cherished desire by winning the AMA-SX title in 2020.

*1: AMA Supercross (AMA SX) races are held in specially prepared man-made courses in baseball fields or stadiums.
*2: AMA Motocross (AMA MX) races are held on outdoor dirt courses with man-made technical sections.