Kawasaki Delivers Waste-to-energy and Recycling Facilities for the Shijonawate-Katano Waste Treatment Plant Association (Shiko Clean Center)

Mar. 07, 2018

View of Shiko Clean Center

Tokyo, March 7, 2018 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today the delivery of a waste-to-energy facility (capable of processing 125 tons per day) and a recycling center (capable of processing 23 tons per day) that the company designed and built for the Shijonawate-Katano Waste Treatment Plant Association (Shiko Clean Center).

The waste-to-energy facility utilizes a sophisticated flue gas processing system, comprising proprietary Kawasaki stoker-type parallel-flow incinerators, bag filters, catalytic denitrification equipment and other such equipment, to control emissions of toxic substances such as dioxins and carbon monoxide (CO) while also reducing flue gas volumes. On top of that, each of the incinerators combines high-temperature, high-pressure boilers and extraction-condensing steam turbines for highly efficient electric power generation (maximum output: 3,100 kW), which supplies all the electricity the facility needs with surplus power left over to sell. By promoting more effective energy usage in these ways, the facility achieves reduced greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions. The recycling center crushes bulky refuse and recyclable waste, then separates them into iron, aluminum, combustible waste and so forth. Recyclable resources such as iron and aluminum are separated out from the overall waste and reused as raw materials, while combustible waste is disposed of through incineration.

Because both facilities are located in Kongo-Ikoma-Kisen Quasi-National Park, their exteriors have been designed to blend in with the abundant greenery of the surrounding satoyama (rural, urban-outskirt area) scenery and thus harmonize with the surrounding environment.

Kawasaki has developed stoker-type parallel-flow incinerators along with a wide range of other waste processing technologies over the years. Moving forward, the company will continue to develop innovations and offer products in response to increasingly diverse environmental problems and societal needs.

Overview of the Shiko Clean Center

Client Shijonawate-Katano Waste Treatment Plant Association
Construction site 3029-1, Kisaichi, Oaza, Katano-shi, Osaka Prefecture

(1) Waste-to-energy facility: stoker incinerators, 125 tons/day
(62.5 tons/24 hours × 2 incinerators)

(2) Recycling center: 23 tons/day
bulky refuse, non-combustible bulky refuse (16 tons/5 hours), cans and glass bottles (7 tons/5 hours)


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