Kawasaki Delivers First Mass-produced C-2 Transport Aircraft to JASDF

Jun. 30, 2016


Tokyo, June 30, 2016 - Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. today delivered the first in a series of mass-produced C-2 transport aircraft at the company's Gifu Works to the Japanese Ministry of Defense (MOD). The aircraft will be used by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF).

The C-2, in development by the MOD since FY 2001, is slated to serve as a replacement for existing C-1 transport aircraft. This new model is larger than the C-1, enabling the transport of greater amounts of cargo. The adoption of a newly developed flight management system achieves greater aircraft control at low altitudes, and the cargo handling system enables centralized control of cargo loading and unloading operations to reduce human labor, both of which lessen demands placed on pilots and other crew members. Furthermore, the C-2 features engines produced by the General Electric Company, which enable significantly improved speeds, an extended flight range and other advantages over the C-1.

After being selected in November 2001 by the MOD as the primary contractor for the development of the next-generation XP-1 fixed-wing patrol aircraft and XC-2 transport aircraft, Kawasaki set about designing and manufacturing prototypes of these new models. The company succeeded in its maiden flight of the initial XC-2 prototype in January 2010, and proceeded to deliver the first prototype model to the MOD in March 2010 and the second prototype in March 2011. The Ministry has subsequently been carrying out its own aircraft tests.

In FY 2011, Kawasaki concluded its first contract with the MOD for the mass production of the C-2 aircraft, reflecting various improvements in the mass-production model design before moving on to actual manufacturing operations. Following today's delivery of the first C-2 mass-production model, the company intends to continue with subsequent aircraft deliveries according to schedule.

The following is an overview of basic C-2 specifications.

Basic Specifications
Length 43.9 m
Width 44.4 m
Height 14.2 m
Max. takeoff weight 141 t
Engine CF6-80C2K1F


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