Kawasaki Receives Order for New Train Cars from Sanyo Electric Railway

May 19, 2015

Tokyo, May 19, 2015 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it has received an order for the new Series 6000 train cars from Sanyo Electric Railway Co., Ltd. A total of six cars, to be supplied in two three-car consists, will be manufactured at the Hyogo Works in Kobe and delivered in FY2015.

These cars will be operated as a local train individually, but they can also serve as a limited express train with two consists. Designed to minimize environmental impact and maximize safety and ride comfort, the new Series 6000 cars come equipped with a VVVF inverter controller and LED lighting for greater energy savings, and a totally enclosed fan-cooled induction motor and anti-lock braking system to reduce noise levels. They also come with various features designed to improve passenger service and comfort, including a space for wheelchairs and strollers in each car, and a guide bell and a hazard light for each door. Each car will also have multilingual liquid-crystal information displays installed in three places.

The exterior is painted in red, the corporate color of Sanyo Electric Railway, with a gradation of orange rendered on the sides representing the rising sun. Inside the cars, glass partitions are used to create a sense of openness, and the seats are designed in red to match the color of the exterior and features a pattern of Japanese Chrysanthemum, the representative flower of Hyogo.

Kawasaki's relationship with Sanyo Electric

Railway dates all the way back to 1923, when it delivered Type 1 trains to its predecessor, Kobe Himeji Electric Railway. The latest order is the first in 15 years, the most recent one being Series 5030 trains delivered in 2000.

Kawasaki will continue to enhance its credibility with its technological expertise by providing environmentally friendly modes of transportation to markets around the world.

Overview of the Series 6000
Type Serves as both local and limited express trains (two three-car consists)
Size 18. 9 m (length) x 2. 75 m (width) x approx. 4 m (height)
Material used for car bodies Aluminum alloy


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