Kawasaki Receives Order for Construction of Waste Treatment Facilities from Kusatsu City

Mar. 26, 2015

Kusatsu Clean Center

Tokyo, March 26, 2015 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it has received a 10.7 billion yen order for the construction of upgraded waste treatment facilities from the government of Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture.

The facilities to be constructed under the project consist of a waste incineration plant capable of processing 127 tons of waste per day (using two incinerators with a capacity of 63.5 tons/24 hours), and a recycling facility capable of processing 13.6 tons per day. Kawasaki will undertake the design and construction of the entire facility.

The waste incineration plant uses the Kawasaki Advanced Stoker System that is based on the company's proprietary parallel flow type incinerator. The plant also features bag filters, a flue gas recirculation system, and other advanced flue gas processing systems for a reduced impact on the environment. In addition, the incinerator combines high-temperature, high-pressure boilers and extraction condensing turbines for a highly efficient electric power generation (with a maximum output of 2,900 kW) to supply electricity for consumption inside the facilities, and to sell surplus power. The recycling facility crushes bulky objects and recyclable trash, and sorts the waste into steel, aluminum, and combustibles. The sorted steel and aluminum are recycled as raw materials, and combustibles are processed at the waste incineration plant.

The construction site is situated in a green zone and adjacent to a village forest. Therefore, the facilities are designed to blend naturally with their surrounding environment.

Kawasaki has a wide range of waste treatment technologies, including the stoker-type incinerator. Kawasaki will continue to develop new technologies and to market products that address diversifying environmental needs.

Construction for upgrading the Kusatsu City Clean Center (overview)
Order placed by: Kusatsu City
Construction site: Bamba-cho, Kusatsu City
  1. Waste incinerator plant: stoker-type incinerator 127 t/day (63.5 t/24 h x 2 incinerators)
  2. Recycling facility: Capacity of 13.6 t/day (bulky objects and noncombustibles 4.5 t/5 h; bottles 4.0 t/5 h; cans 1.3 t/5 h; glass and ceramics 3.8 t/5 h)
  3. Surplus heat-fueled equipment: Steam turbine generator 2,900 kW x 1
Scheduled completion date : March 15, 2018


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