Kawasaki Awarded Contract to Build Waste Treatment Facility for Takatsuki City

Mar. 19, 2015

Tokyo, March 19, 2015 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it has been awarded a 13 billion yen contract for the construction of a waste treatment facility from the government of Takatsuki City, Osaka. The construction will be a joint project with Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.

The waste treatment facility to be built under the project consists of an incineration plant capable of processing 150 tons of waste per day using one furnace, and a pretreatment facility, which crushes and sorts up to 24 tons of waste in five hours. The waste incineration plant uses Kawasaki's own stoker-type incinerator capable of complete combustion with minimal air. The plant also features a flue gas recirculation system designed to reduce emissions, as well as advanced flue gas processing that combines bag filters, gas-cleaning equipment, and a catalytic denitration reactor for a reduced impact on the environment. It also combines high-temperature, high-pressure boilers and extraction condensing turbines for a highly efficient electric power generation with an efficiency of at least 18 percent.

The waste treatment facility will be built on the premises of the existing one near the Yodo River. Planned to realize Takatsuki City's idea of a waste treatment facility that is "safe and secure," "environmentally-friendly," and "easy on the city's budget," the facility is designed to agree with the aesthetics of the view of the premises, and to be in harmony with the surroundings.

Kawasaki has a wide range of waste treatment technologies, including the stoker-type incinerator it will build for Takatsuki City. Kawasaki will continue to develop new technologies and to market products that address diversifying environmental needs.

Project overview
Ordered by: Takatsuki City
Order received by: Kawasaki-Nishimatsu Consortium for Special Construction Project
Project: Construction of Takatsuki City Waste Treatment Facility
Location: Takatsuki Clean Center, 3-8-1 Maeshima, Takatsuki, Osaka
Summary of the facilities: (1) Waste incineration plant: Stoker-type incinerator capable of processing 150 tons of waste per day (150 tons/24 hours/one furnace)
(2) Pretreatment facility: High-speed rotating grinder (24 tons/5 hours)
Scheduled completion date: March 15, 2019


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