Fuji Oil Orders New U-KACC Boiler and Turbine Generator

Nov. 12, 2014

Tokyo, November 12, 2014 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it has received an order for a boiler and turbine generator from Fuji Oil Company, Ltd. The boiler will be fueled primarily by solid asphalt pitch produced at Fuji Oil's Sodegaura Refinery. Kawasaki is responsible for everything from design and manufacturing of the boiler and turbine generator to equipment procurement and construction work, which is slated to be completed in late June 2017.

The boiler and turbine generator will be the Sodegaura Refinery's main system for supplying process steam as well as captive consumption electricity. It will enable the refinery to shift away from using process steam supplied via its existing boiler as well as purchasing electricity from a power company. Effective use of asphalt pitch will also help curb the refinery's energy costs.

The main component of the boiler and turbine generator is the new Upgraded-KACC (U-KACC) boiler. Built on the foundation of the ultra-low-NOx, low-dust (soot) emitting Kawasaki Advanced Clean Combustion (KACC) boiler, the U-KACC boiler can be fired by solid fuel like asphalt pitch and petroleum coke. Fuel is gasified in its upper combustion chamber by high temperature reduction combustion and burned via a low temperature oxidation process in its lower combustion chamber. The entire process reduces both NOx and dust emissions. Since the hopper installed at the bottom of the boiler enables continuous removal of ash, the boiler can also be fired by fuel containing ash. Equipped with a high-performance flue gas treatment system (comprised of a DeNOx system, dry electric dust collector, desulphurization system, and wet electric dust collector), the boiler and turbine generator boasts environmentally friendly specifications that meet the strict environmental standards of the Sodegaura area.

Users of Kawasaki's standard KACC boiler have given the system high marks. This latest order is a testament to the boiler’s excellent combustion performance as proven in test runs using solid asphalt pitch, which will be used to run the turbine generator, as well as Kawasaki's overall technological capability.

Demand is rising across the globe for boilers that are designed to effectively use various types of fuel including residual fuel oil. Kawasaki continues to aggressively expand its operations worldwide by marketing U-KACC boilers, as well as other energy efficient boilers that leave a smaller environmental footprint.

Overview of the boiler and turbine generator
To be delivered to: Fuji Oil Company, Ltd.'s Sodegaura Refinery
Boiler type: U-KACC mono-drum natural circulation boiler
Steam condition: Outlet pressure: 10.3 MPa, Steam temperature: 503°C, Steam production: 295 t/h
Primary fuel: Solid Asphalt pitch
Environmental equipment: Selective catalytic reduction system, dry electric dust collector, flue gas desulphurization system, wet electric dust collector
Turbine type: Extraction condensing turbine
Rated output: 36,000 kW
Structural diagram


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