Kawasaki Launches Two New Models of Medical and Pharmaceutical Robots

Oct. 28, 2013


Tokyo, October 28, 2013 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it will launch two new models of medical and pharmaceutical robots — MC004N and MS005N — on November 1, 2013 in Japan.

In the medical and pharmaceutical fields, there has been growing demand for robotic automation of operations to eliminate human-error, contamination by microorganisms and exposure*1 to high pharmacological activity drugs such as anticancer agents. MC004N and MS005N are new types of robot developed to address such needs.

The new robots were designed with particular attention paid to cleanability in order to help prevent contamination. This has been achieved by minimizing surface irregularity, enhancing waterproof performance, realizing an easy-to-wash configuration and applying chemical resistant surface treatment. The robots meet ISO Class 5*2 cleanliness standards, making them an excellent choice for medical and pharmaceutical production lines from the standpoint of sanitation.

With the new robots, the structure has been modified to allow the tool cables to be housed within the robot arm up to the flange. This design feature minimizes interference with the surrounding equipment, allowing the robot to be installed in narrow spaces or on top of peripheral devices. MC004N is a vertically articulated 6-axis robot weighing only 25 kg. MS005N is a 7-axis type made entirely of stainless steel for superior durability.

Main Features of MC004N and MS005N

Items 1 to 4 are features common to both MC004N and MS005N, whereas item 5 applies only to MC004N, and items 6 and 7 only to MS005N.

  1. Humanoid design features
    These industrial robots have been designed to have maximum surface smoothness, to give them a supple appearance resembling a human arm.
  2. High sanitation performance
    Superior cleanability has been achieved by eliminating narrow spaces, minimizing surface irregularity, applying chemical resistant surface coating and maximizing waterproof performance.
  3. Hidden tool cables
    A hollow-core structure has been adopted to house the cables within the robot arm all the way to the flange. This prevents the cables from interfering with the peripheral equipment*3.
  4. Clean environment compatibility
    ISO Class 5 (FED STD Class 100) cleanliness level has been achieved without the use of vacuum piping.
  5. Compact body
    MC004N has been designed to have a low-height, compact body weighing only 25 kg, while maintaining a payload capacity of 4 kg.
  6. Full stainless steel structure
    MS005N has permanent resistance against alkaline washing agents as well as sterilization using vaporized hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Gaskets and seals are also compliant with U.S. FDA standards.
  7. Flexible movement
    MS005N adopts a 7-axis structure for a greater degree of freedom, enabling easy maneuvering even in narrow spaces.
Specifications of MC004N and MS005N
Product name MC004N MS005N
Launch date November 1, 2013
Arm type Vertical articulated type
Degree of freedom (axes) 6 7
Max. reach 506 mm 660 mm
Max. payload 4 kg 5 kg
Exposure: Specifically refers to the exposure by medical workers to bacteria, viruses or harmful chemicals.
ISO Class 5: Indication of cleanliness established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) based on the number of particles per cubic meter.
FED STD Class 100: Indication of cleanliness according to the United States Federal Standards based on the number of particles per cubic feet.
Specifications of compatible cables will be provided separately.


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