Order Received for Steam Turbine Generator for Korea

Apr. 02, 2013

Tokyo, April 2, 2013 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it has received an order for one steam turbine generator with a rated output of 25.2 MW for Hanju Corporation from Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (HHI) in Korea.

Hanju Corporation, which has a cogeneration plant at the petrochemical complex in Ulsan and produces heat (steam) and electricity to provide to the industrial complex, is now proceeding with a project to replace the main facilities aimed at improving energy efficiency of the plant.

We will deliver the steam turbine generator to HHI, the general contractor for the new boiler and steam turbine generator construction project. The steam turbine generator is scheduled to be delivered to HHI in December 2013, and this project will be completed in March 2015.

The steam turbine generator is equipped with both a back-pressure turbine and double extraction steam system (ESS). Exhaust steam is employed by the back-pressure turbine as process steam, while the ESS makes use of steam extracted at the turbine’s intermediate stage. This steam turbine generator can provide the industrial complex with steam that meets a wide range of requirements as well as 25.2 MW of electricity.

Since the launch of its first industrial steam turbine in 1956, Kawasaki has supplied over 350 steam turbine units including 42 units shipped to Korea. This latest order is a testament to Kawasaki’s outstanding reliability, driven by the superior performance and lifecycle cost of Kawasaki steam turbines, excellent post-sale services and support as well as a proven track record.

Today’s growing demand for distributed power generation systems continues to fuel sales at Kawasaki as it moves forward to bring its energy and environmental business to new heights.


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