LPG Carrier Nadeshiko Gas Delivered

Jan. 15, 2013


Tokyo, January 15, 2013 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. today delivered the Nadeshiko Gas LPG carrier to Gas Diana Transport Inc. The vessel (Kawasaki hull no. 1679) is the 49th LPG carrier and the 10th of the same type to be built by Kawasaki.

Features of the Nadeshiko Gas

  1. The vessel features a uniquely configured bow dubbed the SEA-ARROW, which Kawasaki developed to minimize the wave resistance generated at the bow, thereby significantly improving the ship's propulsion performance.
  2. The vessel is equipped with four cryogenic cargo tanks capable of absorbing low-temperature contraction for loading liquefied petroleum gas. The tanks are arranged in four separate cargo holds independent of the hull.
  3. The cargo tanks are made with special cryogenic steel for loading LPG with a minimum temperature of -46°C, and they are wrapped in urethane foam to provide thermal insulation.
  4. The main engine powering the vessel is an energy-efficient, ultra-long stroke, two-stroke low speed diesel engine. In addition, the Kawasaki rudder bulb system with fins (RBS-F) is adopted to reduce fuel consumption.
  5. The vessel employs double-hull fuel oil tanks to prevent marine pollution in the event of an accident.


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