Tokyo Gas Orders World's Largest-class Aboveground LNG Storage Tank

Nov. 01, 2012

Tokyo, November 1, 2012—Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Shimizu Corporation announced today that they have been jointly awarded a contract for the construction of two aboveground storage tanks, one for LNG and one for LPG, from Tokyo Gas Engineering Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. The LNG and LPG storage tanks will be constructed at Tokyo Gas's Hitachi LNG terminal, which is scheduled to go into service in fiscal year 2015.


The LNG tank ordered for this project is a prestressed concrete (PC) storage tank, and with a capacity of 230,000 kl, it is among the largest aboveground full containment LNG storage tanks in the world. The LPG tank ordered for this project, on the other hand, has a capacity of 50,000 kl..
Located in the Hitachi district of the Port of Ibaraki, the Hitachi LNG terminal will serve as one of the pillars underpinning the production and supply infrastructure of the country to meet increasing demand for natural gas. It is expected to help boost the overall stability of the supply infrastructure by adding to the combined capacity of the three existing terminals in the Tokyo Bay.


Since the delivery of its first underground LNG tank in 1982 and aboveground tank in 1983, Kawasaki has outfitted Japan with every type of LNG tank on the market, including single/double/full containment tanks, in-pit tanks, PC tanks, as well as in-ground and underground membrane tanks. Kawasaki has also been involved in international LNG tank construction projects in Korea and elsewhere. To date, there are 28 Kawasaki-built LNG tanks in successful operation around the world.


Kawasaki will continue to build on its track record by further expanding its energy storage business around the world, with a focus on cryogenic storage tanks.


Specifications of the LNG tank


Type: Pressed concrete, aboveground full containment LNG storage tank

Capacity: 230,000 kl
Design temperature of inner tank: –162°C
Internal diameter of inner tank: Approx. 86 m
Tank height: Approx. 59 m