Kawasaki wins Japan's First 110MW Gas Engine Power Plant Order

Sep. 28, 2011

Tokyo, September 28, 2011 – Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it has received an order for a 110MW power plant from Nihon Techno Co. Ltd, a power producer and supplier. This gas engine power plant for Nihon Techno’s Sodegaura Green Power Project has the biggest capacity, which exceeds the present maximum of 60 MW in Japan and consists of 14 Kawasaki Green Gas Engines.


Kawasaki’s scope of supply is a full turn key solution includes 14 units of Model KG-18-V engines with unit capacity of 7,800 kW and the world's highest power-generating efficiency of 49.0%. The power plant is scheduled to be delivered and operational in summer 2012.


Nihon Techno started as an independent electrical service firm engaged in safety and energy efficiency consulting to high-voltage customers. In June 2009 it expanded its operations to include power production and supply, selling electricity to high-voltage customers as well. Until now, the power sold by Nihon Techno was mainly obtained externally through electricity wholesalers and wholesale electricity markets. Nihon Techno decided to construct its own 110MW power plant with an eye to securing a stable supply of electricity in light of future supply and demand and to alleviating the current strain on domestic power supply that is expected to continue beyond next summer.


Kawasaki’s proprietary Green Gas Engines come in two types, a standard model with a power-generating efficiency of 48.5% and an high-efficiency model with a power-generating efficiency of 49.0%. Providing superior economic and environmental performance, both types of this revolutionary gas engine boast low NOx emissions (less than 200 ppm at 0% O2) and cut fuel costs by more than 5% over conventional gas engines in their class. Thanks to their low-NOx emissions, these Kawasaki Green Gas Engines require no additional de-NOx system in most areas of Japan. Equipped with electric spark ignition system these light-weight and compact engines also do away with the need for liquid fuel.


This latest order is a clear evidence not only to the outstanding power efficiency and environmental performance of Kawasaki Green Gas Engines, but also to the increased flexibility and reduced risk that are provided the plant operators with the selective operation of multiple units with higher efficiency. 

Needs for distributed power systems including small and medium scale utility and captive power plants are increasing to ensure stable power supply. Kawasaki is continually moving forward to meet that need and further grow its energy and environmental business through the marketing of its innovative gas engines and other power systems.


Gas Engine Specifications



Number of cylinders



7,800 kW

Generation efficiency


NOx emissions

Less than 200 ppm (at 0% O2)