LPG Carrier Derby Delivered

Mar. 31, 2011

LPG Carrier Derby Delivered

Tokyo, March 31, 2010 – Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation today delivered an 80,000緕・ LPG carrier, the Derby (Kawasaki hull number 1666) to Xing Long Maritime S.A. The ship is the 47th LPG carrier built by Kawasaki, and the 8th of this particular model.


1, The ship employs Kawasaki's "SEA-Arrow" (Sharp Entrance Angle bow as an arrow), developed to minimize bow wave resistance and improve propulsive performance.

2, To load petroleum gas that has been liquefied at low temperature, the ship’s cargo hold has four separate insulated storage tanks that absorb low-temperature contraction separately from the ship.

3, The storage tanks are made of special low-temperature purpose steel and are surrounded with urethane foam insulation to permit loading of liquefied petroleum gas at temperatures as low as -46℃.

4, The ship employs the main engine with a fuel-efficient ultra long-stroke two-cycle low-speed diesel engine, as well as the Kawasaki rudder bulb system with fins (RBS-F) designed to reduce fuel consumption.

5, The environmentally designed fuel tank has double-wall construction to prevent ocean pollution.