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It was 1907 when Kawasaki began manufacturing marine steam turbines in Kobe. After one hundred years in the engine business, Kawasaki has extended its business both for marines and for land, manufacturing vessel propulsion systems, large-sized power generation facilities, and so forth. Our energy-environmental products, such as land use steam turbines and green gas engines, are built on technologies developed in our marine-related business and is known for the reliability.
Firmly grounded in production, our goal is to provide customers around the world with technology, products, and services to satisfy their needs.

Plant Engineering

Kawasaki offers a wide range of industrial plants, including cement plants, chemical plants and boiler facilities, environmental protection facilities including municipal waste treatments, and tunneling equipment & steel structures such as LNG Tanks all over the world.
Our industrial plants are energy efficient as well as high quality. And the labor-saving FA and distribution systems we provide help to increase productivity and reduce costs.
We also provide facilities that treat and recycle the vast amounts of refuse that everyday life and industrial activities produce, facilities that treat water efficiently and effectively, and facilities that protect the environment with support for environmentally-friendly plants.
In addition, we design and manufacture the clean, resource-maximizing power plants and related. In recent years, demands for energy and resource conservation, environment countermeasure, and the utilization of alternatives to oil is rising in resource-rich countries and emerging countries.
We operate a joint venture with CONCH cement group, the world's second largest cement manufacturing company. The joint venture expand the business not only in China but also in other Asian countries and Middle and Near East.
Furthermore, Kawasaki commits to product development towards the hydrogen society.

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