Industrial Gas Turbines

About Gas Turbines

A gas turbine is a compact and powerful source of motive power, which is also quiet and safe. This section will explain to you what makes gas turbines so different from other power source, and why they are so popular among customers.

Product Lineup

Kawasaki has a broad lineup of products to satisfy customer needs.

Services & Technology

Services for Gas Turbines

Kawasaki provides customers with speedy and exacting service. The turbine operating situation is monitored by using a proprietary remote monitoring system which employs a communication network called Techno Net.

Gas Turbine Technology

Kawasaki has developed the following advanced technologies and are improving them. Kawasaki gas turbine products are based on these technologies. These technologies will realize "Efficient Energy Use", "Eco-Friendly" and "Reliable Product Care for Total Life Cycle".


Project K: Creating the World's Most Efficient Gas Turbine

Inside K: Gas Turbine Division, Akashi / Seishin Works

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Case Studies

Case Study: CHP System for a Chemical Manufacturer

30MW-class CHP System with Green Gas Turbine for Chemical Manufacturing
- Daicel Corporation -


Kawasaki Green Products

M1A-17D Gas Turbine

Kawasaki Green Product Promotion Activity is a program in support of the Group Mission objective and through which we will boost the environmental performance of products and accelerate the reduction of environmental impact caused by associated manufacturing processes.



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