Kawasaki - LNG Floating Power Plant

A floating power plant equipped with world leading high performance Gas Turbine / Gas Engine.
Reliable power supply with faster delivery to diverse locations.

LNG Floating Power Plant


  • World leading level electrical efficiency (Gas Engine:49.5%、CCPP:54.4%) and flexible operation (quick start-up, high partial load efficiency, wide operating range)
  • Faster construction to complete in Kawasaki’s own shipyard
  • Lower environmental impact by LNG fuel firing
*CCPP:Combined Cycle Power Plant


  • Distributed power source with stability and high efficiency
  • Peak power source capable of quick start-up and responding to steep load fluctuation (Gas Engine type)
  • Grid stabilization for various kind of renewable energy
  • Towable, suitable for periodic and seasonal operation
  • Heat and electrical power generation (CCPP type)


Model CCPP 80 Gas Engine 30
Machine Type Combined Cycle Power Plant Gas Engine
Configuration 2 GTs × 2 HRSGs × 1 ST
GT Model: L30A
4 Gas Engines
Gas Engines Model: KG-18-V
Power Output 80MW 30MW
Heat Rate(kJ/kWh) 6,622 7,273
Electrical Efficiency 54.4% 49.5%
Barge Size(m)L×W 110×48 120×36
Tank Capacity(m3) 11,000(2weeks) 7,000(4weeks)
Substation Yes Yes

Inlet Air Temp. : 15℃
Atmospheric Pressure : 101.3kPa
Natural Gas (100%CH4)
LHV of Fuel : 35.9MJ/Nm3

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