P-3C ASW Patrol Airplane

P-3C ASW Patrol Airplane

Armed with a full range of antisubmarine systems and advanced information processing capabilities

We manufactured 98 units of the P-3C aircraft between 1978 and 1997 to replace the previous-generation P-2J aircraft. During the production period and even thereafter, we continually upgraded the onboard electronic systems, etc. of the P-3C range. Even today, these upgraded aircraft can still be found on the front line of patrol duties. Using the manufacturing expertise thus gained, we subsequently developed and produced five EP-3, one UP-3C and three UP-3D aircraft. We also modified five P-3C aircraft to the OP-3C configuration.


Length 35.6m
Wingspan 30.4m
Height 10.3m
Maximum speed 760km/h
Cruising range 7670km

P-2J patrol aircraft

The P-2J range, the predecessor of the P-3C, was manufactured by us between 1965 and 1978 and served the Japan Self-Defense Forces with a total of 610,000 hours of operation. All of the P-2J aircraft were decommissioned without a single report of an accident. While these aircraft were in service, we used our sophisticated expertise to help keep the aircraft operational.

EP-3 electronic warfare data acquisition aircraft
(Photo by Maritime Self-Defense Force)

OP-3C image data acquisition aircraft
(Photo by Maritime Self-Defense Force)

UP-3C equipment test aircraft
(Photo by Maritime Self-Defense Force)

UP-3D electronic warfare training support aircraft
(Photo by Maritime Self-Defense Force)