Axial Piston Motors (Swash Plate)M7V / M7X series

The M7V / M7X series are variable/fixed displacement motors of swash plate design that can be used in high pressure and high speed condition.
By developing and utilizing the accumulated Kawasaki technologies for swash plate type pump/motor, they provide superior performance in wide range of speed from very low speed to high speed rotation that has been achieved only with bent axis type motors.
They can be used with general reduction gears or couplings as the installation dimensions (mounting size, output spline) and thread size follow international standard like ISO or SAE.


  • Smooth starting characteristic and stable operation at very low speed
  • High speed performance on a per with bent axis type motors
  • Compact size contributes to better installation
  • High reliability and Long life for high pressure spec.
  • Various control options such as electric or pressure control


Model M7V85 M7V112 M7V160 M7X85 M7X112
Displacement (cm3) q max 68-88.5 90-112 128-160 85 112
q min 0-68 0-90 0-128 - -
Pressure (MPa) Rated 40
Peak 45
Max. speed (min-1) at q max 3,900 3,550 3,100 4,500 3,550
at q < 0.6 qmax 6,150 5,600 4,900 - -
Weight (approx.)(kg) 39 46 63 26 34

Control Curve

The above are the example of control curves.



Global Network

Global Network



Hydrostatic Transmission System

Hydrostatic Transmission System (HST System)

Hydrostatic Transmission system provides smooth and efficient power transmission by connecting the hydraulic pump and motor in closed circuit. This system is widely used for travelling function of many construction machinery and agricultural machines.


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