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Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

How close can we make the distance between humans and robot arms?

About the movie

What happens when human imagination meets Kawasaki technology?
This movie follows what resulted when Kawasaki Robotics supported
two passionate Japanese dancers with its cutting-edge technology.


Starring NUMBERS No:Z

Performers RYUTA and GENDAI joined forces in 2013 to form the animation dance unit, "NUMBERS No:Z". In their first year, they won the national title SUPER TOP DOG at New York’s Apollo Amateur Night, a feat only accomplished by one other Japanese team. "NUMBERS No:Z" has taken part in numerous dance events, and performed and choreographed for commercials and music videos worldwide.

Supported by Kawasaki Robotics

Kawasaki Robotics strives for a world in which people and robots coexist. Since beginning its industrial robot production in 1969, Kawasaki has contributed to the automotive, electronic, semiconductor, medical, and other industries both in Japan and worldwide. Kawasaki currently supports manufacturing globally with its world-class technology.