Oil & Gas Applications

Kawasaki gas turbines have an excellent efficiency and super low NOx emission based on Kawasaki's well proven design technology. They are suitable for various applications such as baseload power generation, standby power generation, and mechanical drive.

Iwafune-oki oil and gas field (Courtesy of JAPEX)

Power Generation


1.5 MW power generation package

M1A series Gas Turbine Engines
more than 25,000,000 hours operation,
600 units accumulated delivery, as of 2014

Output Power Heat Rate Efficiency Exhaust Gas Flow Exhaust Gas Temp.
1,510kW 14,635kJ/kWe-hr 24.6% 8.1kg/s 521 ºC

Normal Rating per ISO at 15ºC(59F)at sea level
No inlet/exhaust losses
Relative humidity 60%
Natural gas (100% CH4, LHV=35.8MJ/Nm3 (960Btu/scf))
Diffusion combustor without water injection
Nominal performance at generator terminals (generator efficiency 96.5%)

Oil & Gas Key Feature Zone 2 Electrical System (option)
Integrated Lube Oil System
Full 316L Stainless Steel piping
M1A-13 Gas Turbine Industrial, single shaft
2 stage Centrifugal Compressor
Single Can-type Combustor
Dry Low Emission (option)
Dual Fuel Combustion (option)
Multi Fuel Capability (option)
3 stage Axial Turbine
Tilting Pad Journal/Thrust Bearing
Casing and Radial Shaft Vibration Transducer
Reduction Gearbox Epicyclic Type
Reduction Gearbox Output Speed 1,500 rpm for 50 Hz service
1,800 rpm for 60 Hz service
Alternator 3 Phase, 4 Wire, Synchronous, Brushless Exciter
Starter VFD Motor Start System
Pneumatic Start System (option)
*Approximate Package Dimension (L, W, H) 6.2 m x 1.85 m x 2.5 m
*Approximate Package Weight (dry) 11 ton

*without Inlet & Ventilation System


8MW class Gas Turbine
Electrical Efficiency 33.6%


30MW class Gas Turbine
Electrical Efficiency 40.1%

Mechanical Drive


Mechanical Drive Performance
Shaft Output 30.9MW
Shaft Efficiency 41.3%
Heat Rate 8,717kJ/kWh
Turbine Speed Output 2,800 to 5,880 rpm
Pressure Ratio 24.9
Exhaust Gas Flow 88.7kg/s
Exhaust Gas Temp. 470 ºC


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