Kawasaki Super Green Product

Ninja H2

Ninja H2

World’s ultimate performance motorcycle, delivering outstanding power capabilities with low fuel consumption

A supercharged engine that delivers both power and fuel economy

Boasting a supercharged mass-produced motorcycle engine̶ designed, in–house―a world first for a motorcycle―the Ninja H2 delivers outstanding power. But its fuel economy, based on the Worldwide Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC), is still one of the best among competitor models. In addition, emissions contain reduced levels of CO, total hydrocarbons (THC) and NOx.

Product Description

The biggest feature of the Ninja H2, developed through combined expertise in engine and body technologies within the KHI Group to offer riders an unprecedented sensory experience, is its supercharged mass-produced motorcycle engine using a highly efficient supercharger designed in-house

Special Features