Kawasaki-brand Green Products

About Kawasaki Green Product Promotion Activity

To realize our Group Mission: “Kawasaki, working as one for the good of the planet,” we will draw on high-level, comprehensive technological capabilities over the Kawasaki Groupʼs extensive range of business pursuits to create new value for coexisting with nature and building a brighter, more comfortable future for generations to come.  Just recently, we launched Kawasaki-brand Green Products, a program in support of the Group Mission objective and through which we will boost the environmental performance of products and accelerate the reduction of environmental impact caused by associated manufacturing processes. The products selected for this program must meet self-established criteria and are categorized as either Kawasaki Green Products or Kawasaki Super Green Products. The products are then labeled compliant with ISO 14021, and the list is made public.

The program logo embodies Kawasakiʼs commitment to environmental sustainability through products and manufacturing. The three pillars in the logo represent our primary business areas—land, sea and air transport systems, energy and environmental engineering, and industrial equipment—and the innovative and advanced technological capabilities in these respective areas form a firm foundation for these pillars, which together support the global environment.

Program logo
Program logo

Conformity Assessment Process


Kawasaki-brand Green Products


VEGA Boiler
U-KACC Boiler.html
Waste Carbonization System
High-Pressure Hydrogen Pressure-Reducing Valve (KGPR65D)
Small Payload Material Handling Robots RS007 Series
Ninja ZX-6R (2019MY)
Versys 1000 (2019MY)

L30A-01D/DLH Gas Turbine
CK Mill
Medium-Diameter Shield Tunnel
Kawasaki Step Grate Parallel-Flow
Control Valve KMX13RB
Dual-Arm SCARA Robot: duAro
Universal Controller
Active Suspension System


LPG Powered Large LPG Carrier
Track Material Monitoring Device
E-series Rexpeller (Azimuth Thruster)
M5A-01D Gas Turbine
FLNG Boiler
Ninja H2 SX
Ninja 400/Ninja 250
Electric Joystick ERU2-7.0
F60 Controller

LNG-Fueled Pure Car and Truck Carriers
Straight Tube LED Lamps for Rail Cars
Kawasaki Super Green Product
M7A-03D Gas Turbine
Versys 1000
Versys 650
Hydraulic Pump
for Mobile Machinery
KC-MB-20, Multifunctional Controller for Construction Machinery
Painting Robot KJ264/314
Clean Robot NT420


Large LNG Carrier with
Newly Developed Tank
efACE Standard Railcar
BK117 D-2 Helicopter (Airbus Helicopters Model: H145)
Oil-Free Kawasaki Centrifugal Compressor
LNG Tank (New safety factor applied)
 Z900 (2017MY)
Z650/Ninja650 (2017MY)
HST Pump K8V Series
HST Motor M7V Series
Extra-Large Payload Robot MG Series

Battery Power System (BPS)
M1A-17D Gas Turbine
Green Gas Engine
Centrifugal Chiller Using Water as Refrigerant
MAG Turbo
CKK System
Ninja ZX-6R
Hydraulic Pump for Excavators (K7V)
Spot Welding Robot (BX200L)