New addition to the Changing forward short video series, “Autonomous Underwater Vehicle SPICE” released

Dec. 23, 2020

On December 23, 2020, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. released a new addition to the short video series in its brand site, “THE STORIES,” entitled “Autonomous Underwater Vehicle SPICE.” This video series features how the company’s corporate catch phrase “カワる、サキへ。* Changing forward” is being implemented at the company.


Kawasaki has recently been producing various videos for the series, with the previous three being the “Rolling Stock” version focused on Kawasaki’s model railway event, the “Motorcycle” version highlighting the Ninja H2 which achieves overwhelming power and speed, and the “Hydrogen-Based Society” version in which employees talk about the future they want to achieve with hydrogen energy.


The latest version features at SPICE, an autonomous underwater vehicle under development that combines the technologies of a submersible vessel and a robotic arm. To provide a stable supply of energy to the world, it will monitor and inspect pipelines laid under the 3,000m deep ocean.

Please take a look at SPICE working in harsh marine conditions where it is exposed to water pressure and tidal currents.


“カワる、サキへ。* Changing forward”


*Reads, “KAWA-ru, SAKI-e.”