Delivery of Two CK Mills in China for Cement Grinding

Feb. 19, 2019

Tokyo, February 19, 2019 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today the delivery of two CK Mills for cement grinding to Chinese company Jiande Conch Cement Co., Ltd. by Anhui Conch Kawasaki Energy Conservation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "CKM"), a joint venture by Kawasaki and China's Anhui Conch Group (hereafter, "Conch Group"*1). Jiande Conch Cement is part of the Conch Group. Use of the two new CK Mills will enable reductions in electricity consumption and improvements to environmental performance in cement grinding operations.

CK Mills are used as cement grinding equipment primarily in raw meal grinding, which involves drying and grinding of the main raw material (limestone) and auxiliary raw materials (clay, silica, iron material, etc.) together, and finish grinding, which involves grinding of clinker (made by sintering raw materials) and auxiliary raw materials such as gypsum and limestone to produce cement.

The recently delivered CK Mills are large-size models boasting the highest production capacity available from Kawasaki (220 tons/hour), intended for full grinding of the final cement product in the finish grinding process using only a vertical mill. Kawasaki is handling design and operation-related technical guidance, whereas CKM is in charge of manufacturing and delivery—an arrangement that enables high quality and high performance. All parties involved have confirmed, through testing of final cement products made using the two CK Mills, the achievement of both product quality and strength equivalent to or greater than that provided by conventional tube mills. Furthermore, Kawasaki has made improvements to grinding roller configurations and product classification mechanisms, changed the material of the pressing mechanism's stand portion from steel plates to concrete, and made other such improvements to achieve a more environmentally friendly cement production process. These changes greatly reduce equipment vibrations and provide a significant reduction in electric power consumption—reduction of roughly 30% compared with conventional tube mills—thus enabling much more energy-efficient performance. In light of these features, Kawasaki has designated the CK Mill as a "Kawasaki Green Product,"*2 a Kawasaki Group product boasting exceptional environmental performance.

Ever since its first CK Mill delivery in 1985, Kawasaki has expanded its sales of CK Mills in Japan as well as foreign markets primarily in East and Southeast Asia. The company has received orders for a total of 129 CK Mills to date, and it expects demand to grow for the 200 ton-per-hour class models as replacements for tube mills and other such equipment. Following this latest delivery of large-model CK Mills, Kawasaki will continue to leverage its outstanding technological capabilities and experience in the area of cement-production equipment, as well as the deep-reaching trust they have earned from customers over the years, to actively develop and sell more products.

Conch Group: This group owns Anhui Conch Cement Co., Ltd., China's largest cement producer and one of the world's biggest as well. The Group is involved in cement, building materials and other such fields.
Kawasaki Green Product: A certification awarded to products that meet Kawasaki's original environmental standards. Conferred on products whose environmental measures exceed industry standards, or else surpass the environmental performance of previous Kawasaki models.

Specifications for CK Mills Delivered to Jiande Conch Cement

Mill type CK490
Table track diameter 4,900 mm
Motor 5,100 kW
Grinding capacity 220 t/h
No. of rollers 4
Applications Finish grinding for clinker, gypsum, limestone and fly ash

Overview of Anhui Conch Kawasaki Energy Conservation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (CKM)

Head office Wuhu City, Anhui Province, China
Establishment October 26, 2007
Capital ratio Kawasaki Heavy Industries 49%,
China Conch Venture Holdings Limited 51%
Business activities Manufacture and sale of boilers for waste heat recovery power generation systems for cement production process, roller mills, and environmental equipment


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