Kawasaki Launches the 2019 Ninja ZX-10R Series with Improved Track Performance

Sep. 02, 2018

Ninja ZX-10R

Tokyo, September 2, 2018—Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it will launch four upgraded 2019 models in the supersport Ninja ZX-10R series: the Ninja ZX-10R ABS, the Ninja ZX-10R, the Ninja ZX-10RR, and the Ninja ZX-10R SE. They will be released in select markets starting October 1, 2018.

Since their debut in 2004, the Ninja ZX-10R ABS and Ninja ZX-10R have been active in races all over the world. Their reputation for having superior performance on the circuit has been well known throughout the years. For its 2017 models, Kawasaki released a new, track-focused variation called the Ninja ZX-10RR. For 2018, Kawasaki further added the high-spec Ninja ZX-10R SE, with Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension (KECS).*1 The range of the series serves the diverse needs of sport riders who can now choose the model best suited to their abilities, experience, and taste.

In 2015 and 2016, Jonathan Rea of the Kawasaki Racing Team won the World Superbike Championship,*2 the pinnacle of production motorcycle racing where manufacturers and riders gather from around the world, on a Ninja ZX-10R. When the Ninja ZX-10RR was introduced in 2017, he became the first racer ever to win the Championship in three consecutive years. Meanwhile, Kawasaki won the manufacturers’ title for three years running, proving the superior performance of the Ninja ZX-10R series.

The 2019 Ninja ZX-10R series boasts engine improvements that increases engine output from 200 PS to 203 PS (204 PS for the Ninja ZX-10RR) as it achieves broader range power bands. Further, enhanced equipment features add boost to track performance as well.

The Ninja ZX-10RR has a limited global production run of 500 units. Each unit has a serial number plate with the model logo on the top bridge.

The following are some of the changes from the previous models.


1. Finger follower rocker arm
With valve drive and a unique finger follower rocker arm designed by Kawasaki race engineers at the peak of racing technology, the new models reach new heights of engine output and reliability. Their engine output has risen from 200 PS to 203 PS (204 PS for the Ninja ZX-10RR), and improvements to various engine parts have realized power bands that cover both low and high rpm ranges. This combined with the flat torque curve contributes to more comfortable handling.
2. Cylinder heads for high-lift camshafts
Formerly only in the Ninja ZX-10RR, now cylinder heads for high-lift camshafts are in every model. This makes it possible to swap in high-lift camshafts (sold separately), without alteration, as part of a race kit to strengthen performance at high engine speeds.
3. Pankl titanium connecting rod (Ninja ZX-10RR only)
The new titanium connecting rod is made by Pankl, specialists in development and manufacture of engine and drivetrain components for race cars and aerospace. Light and durable, it enhances the engine’s maximum speed, improves output and response, and widens the power band. The superior lightness also helps with handling.


1. Öhlins electronic steering damper
Formerly only in the Ninja ZX-10R and Ninja ZX-10R SE, now the Öhlins electronic steering damper is in every model. It improves handling by controlling damping in response to chassis speed and acceleration and deceleration.
2. Optimized suspension settings (Ninja ZX-10RR only)
With the introduction of the Pankl titanium connecting rod, the front and rear suspension settings have been changed to contribute to improved handling performance.


1. Dual-direction Kawasaki Quick Shifter (KQS) lets riders shift up and down clutchlessly
Formerly only in the Ninja ZX-10RR and Ninja ZX-10R SE, now the dual-direction KQS is in every model. Riders can shift up and down rapidly without clutch or throttle operation.
2. Highly Durable Paint repairs itself (Ninja ZX-10R SE only)
The new Highly Durable Paint has a special top coat that automatically repairs scratches to preserve the vehicle’s high-quality appearance.*3

*1: Jointly developed with Showa Corporation. Adjusts damping force instantaneously in response to road surfaces and riding styles, improving tire grip feel and chassis stability.
*2:  The world’s top road race for production-based bikes, overseen by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM).
*3: Effective for preventing scratches in ordinary use; however, the paint will not recover in the case of scratches caused by sharp objects such as a coin or key. In some cases, the coating takes about a week for recovery.

Ninja ZX-10R ABS


Ninja ZX-10RR


Ninja ZX-10R SE

Product names Ninja ZX-10R ABS, Ninja ZX-10R, Ninja ZX-10RR, Ninja ZX-10R SE
Launch dates Starting October 1, 2018
Region of release Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, more
Colors Ninja ZX-10R ABS, Ninja ZX-10R:
Lime Green/Ebony/Metallic Graphite Gray
Pearl Storm Gray/Metallic Flat Spark Black
Ninja ZX-10RR: Lime Green
Ninja ZX-10R SE: Metallic Carbon Gray/Neutron Silver/Lime Green

Main specifications

Product names Ninja ZX-10R ABS, Ninja ZX-10R, Ninja ZX-10RR, Ninja ZX-10R SE
Model ZX1002EKF, ZX1002FKF, ZX1002GKF, ZX1002HKF
Length × width × height 2,085mm x 740 mm x 1,145 mm
Wheelbase 1,440 mm
Min. ground clearance 145 mm
Seat height 835 mm
Caster/trail 25.0°/107 mm
Engine type/valve system Liquid-cooled 4-stroke, 4-cylinder/DOHC 4-valve
Total displacement 998 cm3
Inner diameter x stroke 76.0 x 55.0 mm
Compression ratio 13.0:1
Starting system Self-starter
Ignition system Battery and coil (transistor ignition)
Lubrication systemWet sump
Engine oil capacity3.7 L
Fuel supply systemFuel injection
Transmission typeConstant mesh 6-speed return shift
Clutch typeMultiplate wet clutch
Gear ratios
1st2.600 (39/15) 
2nd 2.222 (40/18)
3rd 1.944 (35/18)
4th 1.722 (31/18)
5th 1.550 (31/20)
6th 1.391 (32/23)
Primary reduction ratio /
secondary reduction ratio
1.681 (79/47) / 2.294 (39/17)
Frame typeDiamond   
Suspension systemFront Telescopic (inverted)
Rear Swingarm (horizontal back-link rear suspension)
Tire sizeFront 120/70 ZR17M/C 58W
Rear 190/55 ZR17M/C 75W
Brake typeFront Dual disk 330 mm (outer diameter)
Rear Single disk 220 mm (outer diameter)
Steering angle (left/right)27°/27°
Vehicle weight206 kg (Ninja ZX-10R ABS, Ninja ZX-10RR)
204 kg (Ninja ZX-10R)
208 kg (Ninja ZX-10R SE)
Fuel tank capacity17 L

Numbers are overseas specifications.
Specifications may change without notice.
Reference values measured by Kawasaki under specific conditions, not a guarantee of output for purchased vehicles.


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