Kawasaki to Showcase Seven 2018 Models Including Z900RS at the Tokyo Motor Show

Oct. 25, 2017

Tokyo, October 25, 2017 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today its plans to show motorcycle products at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show (TMS 2017), which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight for 10 days starting on Friday, October 27. Nine models will be exhibited, including three new models — the Z900RS, Ninja 250 and Ninja 400 — which will be shown for the first time ever.

The Z900RS's showing will offer the world’s first glimpse of Kawasaki's latest model in the Z series, which boasts a history of more than 40 years. While remaining faithful to the characteristics of the original Z-series bike, a famous model from years past known commonly as the Z1, the Z900RS also incorporates the latest technologies, with careful attention given to everything from the sound of its engine to the designs of individual parts. This exhibit will also show more than just the original product. With the goal of offering users new ways to enjoy Kawasaki motorcycles, including enjoyment as a part of their personal lifestyles, the company has conceived a custom-bike project which embodies the Kawasaki view that motorcycles should be “Fun to Ride” and “Ease of Riding”. Three custom machines that manifest completely different approaches and tastes will showcase the worldview represented by the Z900RS.

The new Ninja 250 and Ninja 400, which also make their global debut at this event, feature completely revamped engine and frame designs. The Ninja 250's first incarnation from a decade back represented the birth of the Kawasaki's global strategic motorcycle line of the Ninja series, and in celebration of the Ninja 250's ten-year anniversary the company has given it a complete redesign from the engine to the frame and overall styling. Analytical technologies have been utilized to reduce this model's weight even further while adding extra power, taking the "Joy of Riding control" concept to a whole new level.
The Ninja 400 adds a powerful 399cm3 (for overseas specifications) parallel-twin engine to the lightweight 250cc class body to achieve a light and compact bike that also delivers a sporty performance. Both the Ninja 250 and Ninja 400 feature LED headlights, LCD panel instrumentation displays and other component and equipment upgrades for a more appealing overall product.

In addition to the above models, annual change models of the Ninja H2 CARBON and domestically popular, Ninja 1000, Ninja 650 and Z650 will be on display at TMS 2017. Of these, the Ninja series have all been developed using the same rigorous testing applied for the Ninja H2, Ninja ZX-10RR and other supersport models, and are designed with a firm focus on Kawasaki's RIDEOLOGY concept.

As a reference exhibit, the Ninja ZX-10RR rode by Jonathan Rea in the Superbike World Championship, the pinnacle of production-based road racing using modified factory-production motorcycles, will also be exhibited at TMS 2017. Rea not only won three Superbike World Championships in a row, but he helped Kawasaki become the champion among manufacturers for three years running. Furthermore, Tom Sykes ranked second last year and has maintained an impressive record using the same Kawasaki machine, expressing impressive capabilities of Kawasaki's commercial models performance. The KX450F-SR, which Makoto Ogata used to achieve a second-place ranking at the All Japan Motocross Championship, will also be on display.

Overview of New Models for 2018


With a 900cc class inline four-cylinder engine, elegant teardrop-shaped fuel tank and other attractive features, the Z900RS was developed and designed with deep reverence for the historic Z1 model and serves as Kawasaki's latest retro-style sports model.
The engine was developed using numerous cutting-edge technologies to achieve full torque in the low and mid rpm ranges as well as a smooth and powerful acceleration up to the high rpm ranges, which is a hallmark of four-cylinder engines. Moreover, the latest analytical technologies have been utilized to achieve an even lighter frame weight. Massive amounts of time were channeled into setting and developing the various components of this model to further pursue the Kawasaki ideal that motorcycles should be “Fun to Ride” and “Ease of Riding”.
With careful attention to exhaust sound, Kawasaki has focused close attention on the overall form, the prechamber structure, and even fine adjustments to the length and density of the glass wool to achieve an engine exhaust sound that will enthrall riders.
In addition, the integration of a liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine, a suspension system similar to that found in supersport models, and a cutting-edge traction control system means that riders can, whenever they so desire, pull out the performance-brand spirit of the Z series and enjoy a true sporty riding experience. The Z900RS has been developed with careful attention down to the finest detail, and this new model will be loved throughout the years just like the original Z1.

Product name Z900RS
Planned release date December 1, 2017
Projected annual sales number 2,500
MSRP* ¥1,296,000 (incl. consumption tax) ¥1,328,400 (incl. consumption tax)
Colors Metallic Spark Black Candytone Brown/Candytone Orange
Manufacturer's suggested retail price. Does not include overhead and other expenses. This price is for reference purposes only.

Ninja ZX-10R ABS (KRT Edition)

Ninja 250

This is the latest incarnation of Kawasaki's highly-popular global strategic model, the Ninja 250. This bike won fans around the world by achieving the "Fun to Ride" concept and stylish design that define the high-performance Ninja series in a 250cc class package that anyone can handle with ease.
The 2018 model, which marks the 10th anniversary of the Ninja 250's spectacular debut, features a complete overhaul encompassing everything from the engine to the frame and overall styling. Its parallel-twin engine has been made more powerful and easier to control, and the frame boasts significant weight reductions achieved through the use of cutting-edge analytical technologies, giving easier handling than previous models so users can maneuver with greater ease. In terms of styling, the 2018 version is modeled even more closely after the Ninja supersport models, and greater attention has been given to various fittings and finishing touches, resulting in a much higher-quality feel.
By further refining the Ninja 250, a pioneer in the 250cc road sports category, Kawasaki aims to satisfy the needs of even greater numbers of riders.

Ninja ZX-14R ABS (High Grade)

Ninja 400

The latest Ninja 400 model shares the same basic structure as the new Ninja 250. However, it adds a robust 399 cm3 (for overseas specifications) parallel-twin engine to the lightweight 250cc class body to achieve impressive sports-bike performance. In terms of styling, the 2018 version is modeled even more closely after the Ninja ZX-10R / ZX-10RR and Ninja H2, and greater attention has been given to various fittings and finishing touches, resulting in a much higher-quality feel. The retooled Ninja 400, born out of a new design concept, breathes new life into the middle-class road sports category.

Z125 PRO

Motorcycles to be Exhibited: 9 models, 13 vehicles (incl. 7 models and 11 vehicles from the 2018 lineup)

2018 Models Z900RS
Ninja 400
Ninja 250
Ninja 1000
Ninja 650
Reference Exhibit (race vehicles) Ninja ZX-10RR (Superbike World Championship Jonathan Rea’s machine)
KX450F-SR (All Japan Motocross Championship Makoto Ogata’s machine)

Other Exhibits

Kawasaki Plaza original goods
Kawasaki Motors Corporation Japan official goods
Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes race gear


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