Kawasaki SUPER Green Product

LPG Powered Large LPG Carrier

Initial registration: 2018
LPG Powered Large LPG Carrier

Realizing world-class environmental performance
with a propulsion system fueled by LPG

LPG Powered Large LPG Carrier

We achieved an LPG fueled propulsion system by developing a fuel circulating system that controls the fuel’s flow, pressure, and temperature to ensure a stable supply of LPG fuel. Through the switch to LPG fuel and improvements to the hull form, we have reduced emissions of NOx, SOx, and CO2 by approximately 6%, 98%, and 20%, respectively, compared to competitors’ products.

Product Description

A large LPG carrier that achieves significant reduction in environmental impact by using LPG as its main fuel through adoption of the ME-LGIP dual-fuel slow-speed diesel engine that can switch between LPG and fuel oil.

Special Features