Sustainable Finance

Kawasaki issued its first sustainability bond*1 in July 2021, and subsequently introduced Positive Impact Finance*2 in August 2021. By making active use of sustainable finance*3, Kawasaki will accelerate initiatives for sustainability management to realize “Group Vision 2030: Trustworthy Solutions for the Future", strive to strengthen engagement with stakeholders, and make contributions to achieve the SDGs and realize a sustainable society.

*1 Bonds issued to raise funds specific to projects that contribute to environmental and social sustainability

*2 Loans in which a company discloses its contribution to the achievement of the SDGs in KPIs, and a bank assesses their both positive and negative impact.

*3 A general term for financing by companies and businesses that contribute to environmental and social sustainability, such as sustainability bonds/loans and/or sustainability-linked bonds/loans

Sustainability Bond

Positive Impact Finance


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