May. 2014
Project Voice

Turbine Division, Akashi / Seishin Works

Delivering the Product is not the Goal.
Continuing to Take Care of the Product
is an Integral Part of the Quality of Kawasaki Gas Turbines.

Atsuo Maeda
After-Sales Service, Engineering Section, Customer Support Department,
Industrial Gas Turbine System Center, Gas Turbine Division, Gas Turbine & Machinery Company

Just in case.
Please understand the importance maintenance.

Gas turbines for electricity are essential to a company’s production activities, and maintenance and overhauls are essential to keeping them up and running in a stable manner over the long term of 10 or 15 years. Our emphasis is actually service after the product is delivered. It does not end with the sale. We keep the turbines in optimal condition in line with the situation at the site where they are used. Of the 1,035 Kawasaki standby gas turbines installed in areas that lost power in the Great East Japan Earthquake, 1,034 went into operation. The only gas turbine that failed to operate was one that had not received maintenance. It is our job to communicate the importance of daily maintenance in order to be ready, just in case.

After-Sales Service—a Part of
“Made by Kawasaki” Quality

Specifically, in addition to sensing technologies for detecting misalignment in the positioning of parts, constant torque control is utilized to perform pressure adjustments at parts touch points, which realized a delicate touch similar to how a person can change the pressure placed on a pen when writing. This development however has in no way eliminated jobs for our engineers. Transferring work to robots allows us to put more focus on innovation—a style of manufacturing that fits the current era and will create the next one. Developing this new style of refined workmanship ahead of time, we believe, is the mission of Kawasaki.