Division Profile

Ship & Offshore Structure Company

Kawasaki has two shipyards, one at Kobe and another at Sakaide (Kagawa Prefecture). The backbone of ship development, construction, and maintenance at Kawasaki are high value-added ships, such as submarines and LNG/LPG carriers. Kawasaki has long history in shipbuilding, extending as far back as the company's 1878 founding as the Kawasaki Dockyard Co. The company also builds ships as a part of the Nantong COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co., Ltd. (NACKS), a joint venture in Nantong, China.

Rolling Stock Company

As Japan's leading manufacturer of railway cars, Kawasaki provides the world with a wide range of rolling stock, including Shinkansen, electric cars, passenger coaches, freight cars, locomotives, diesel locomotives, and new transit systems. In addition to the company's main Hyogo Works in Kobe, Kawasaki also has two full-scale factories in the U.S.

Aerospace Company

As one of Japan's few aerospace companies, Kawasaki not only develops and manufactures numerous aircraft for Japan's Ministry of Defense, such as the next-generation XP-1 and XC-2 planes, but also is involved in private international development and production projects such as the Boeing 787. Kawasaki is also the leading Japanese manufacturer of helicopters, including the top selling BK117 twin-engine helicopter, and also contributes to space systems, including payload fairing for H-IIA and H-IIB rockets.

Gas Turbine & Machinery Company

Kawasaki's Gas Turbine Division manufactures jet engines and gas turbine generation systems using proprietary technologies developed by Kawasaki in its jet engine business.
Machinery Division supplies the world with a variety of industrial machines including turbines and engines for marine, Oil & Gas Industry, environmental protection, and power generation.
Kawasaki's latest environmentally efficient products include its Green Gas Turbine and Green Gas Engine.

Plant & Infrastructure Company

Kawasaki not only offers a wide range of industrial plants to process cement, chemicals, nonferrous metals, and more, but also environmental protection facilities, including municipal waste incinerators, from design to sale. It also manufactures ultra low temperature tanks for LNG and LPG, as well as shield machines for tunneling in underground construction projects. Energy efficient, resource efficient, and low environmental impact-these are the keywords that guide Kawasaki as it continues to expand its business into the fields of energy, societal infrastructure, and environmental protection.

Motorcycle & Engine Company

Motorcycle & Engine Company is the sole division of Kawasaki that provides products directly to general consumers. The company manufactures a broad range of products, including motorcycles, ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), recreation utility vehicles, utility vehicles, JET SKI® watercraft, and general-purpose gasoline engines in Japan, the United States, South America, and Asian countries; and supplies them to markets around the world.

Precision Machinery Company

Kawasaki manufactures hydraulic machinery used in construction & agricultual machinery, industrial machinery, and ships. Kawasaki pumps, motors, valves, and various hydraulic machinery, as well as its assembled hydraulic systems with electric controller, serve the important function of powering and regulating a wide range of machinery and systems.
As a pioneering manufacturer of industrial robots, Robot Division provides various industries, including the automotive and electronics industries, with many robots for use in welding, assembly, handling, painting, and palletization.