Directors and Corporate Auditors to Change

Mar. 31, 2017

Tokyo, March 31, 2017— Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. has announced that, based on decisions made at a Board of Directors meeting earlier today, following executive officer will be nominated as Director at the Kawasaki Shareholders’ Meeting in late June 2017. Director Joji Iki will resign after that meeting and then become Advisor.

New director to be nominated

Katsuya Yamamoto
General Manager
Corporate Planning Division

Retiring director

Joji Iki

Projected Board members

 (effective in late June 2017)

Shigeru Murayama

Yoshinori Kanehana
President *

Munenori Ishikawa
Executive Senior Vice President *

Kenji Tomida
Executive Senior Vice President *

Kazuo Hida
Senior Vice President

Toshiyuki Kuyama
Senior Vice President

Kazuo Ota
Senior Vice President

Makoto Ogawara
Senior Vice President

Tatsuya Watanabe
Senior Vice President

Katsuya Yamamoto
Senior Vice President

Yoshihiko Morita
Outside Director

Michio Yoneda
Outside Director

  *Representative director

The Kawasaki Board of Directors also decided today that Satoru Kohdera and Junko Ishii will be nominated as Outside Corporate Auditor at the Shareholders’ Meeting. Current Outside Corporate Auditor Nobuyuki Fujikake will resign after that meeting.


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